For a quality range of topical creams and capsules to help reduce mild arthritic Rheumatic aches and pains, consider Australian-made Arthro-Aid products. Rheumatic pain is something that many Australians endure. At Key Sun Laboratories our goal is to aid in pain reduction and to improve overall wellness. 

Utilising the foundations of herbal medicine

Key ingredients used within our Arthro-Aid Direct cream and Pain Ease topical products are camphor and menthol, both of which are utilised in Western herbal medicine for their anti-inflammatory properties. By combining these herbal ingredients with a non-greasy base, our Arthro-Aid topical cream solutions can be used to reduce mild rheumatic aches and pains. 

Arthro-Aid capsules such as Arthro-Aid Pain Ease combine Western and Chinese herbal medicine elements in a formula that is designed to relieve pain caused by mild rheumatic pains and muscle aches and pains. In addition to our pain reduction products, Key Sun Laboratories has worked to develop a well-rounded collection of vitamins and supplements to support general health.

Use Arthro-Aid to enjoy a more comfortable life

The pain caused by rheumatic conditions can be restrictive when it comes to living a free and easy life. This is why we have worked to develop a range of health products that will help you feel your best self. Choose Arthro-Aid capsules and topical creams from our collection to effectively reduce mild rheumatic pain and ensure that you can continue living life to the fullest. Shop online for Arthro-Aid Direct cream and more to reduce your pain and enhance your overall wellness today.

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2 products