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For glamour and volume, enhance your makeup by applying KISS false lashes. At Key Sun Laboratories, we proudly stock a wide variety of KISS lashes in sets or individual lashes, ready to give you that bright-eyed, elegant finish.

Elevate your beauty look with KISS lashes

If you’ve ever wanted to give yourself a bit of extra eyelash length when applying your makeup, then with KISS lashes, you’ll be able to achieve that on-trend look by using high-quality lash products. At Key Sun Laboratories, you’ll find a range of premium KISS lash products that are easy to apply and have been designed to last all night long without damaging your existing natural lashes.

Find the perfect KISS false lashes to suit your makeup style

With KISS lashes, you’ll be able to achieve precisely the look you desire, whether you’re opting for a subtle winged lash aesthetic or you want to make an impact with a full dramatic eyelash set. Shop our wide variety of products, including individual lashes, full lash sets in various shapes and lengths, adhesive glue for easy application, application mirrors, scissors and applicator tweezers.

If you love wearing lashes but struggle with the application, then our magnetic lashes are perfect for you. Designed specifically for easy application, our magnetic lashes require no adhesive glue and are guaranteed to stay in place, even during windy days! They’re perfect for applying when you’re on the go, and they’re also reusable — another added bonus!

KISS is world-renowned for producing an innovative range of beauty products that have been designed using high-quality materials made to last. Purchase all the false lashes, nail products and hair colouring treatments you need from one convenient online location and give yourself that flawless look.

Buy KISS lashes from Key Sun Laboratories today

Discover an extensive range of KISS lashes in Australia by browsing our online store and stock up on individual lashes, lash sets, applicator tools, glue and more. While you’re picking up your lash essentials, be sure to grab KISS nails, and KISS hair products for your at-home pamper salon. And don’t forget — we offer free shipping for orders over $50!

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66 products