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26’ Deep Ocean Alchemy with Kelp Complex + uses only 100% natural ingredients, chosen specifically for men to create a grooming and skincare range that is indulgent, ethical and effective.

We are different from the get-go with each and every ingredient found in our products chosen intentionally for a particular purpose and sustainably sourced with the environmental composition at the forefront of our choices, actions and conscience. Starting from the very base of our products.

Whilst most brands choose water as their key base ingredient, 26’ Deep uses Aloe Vera for its rejuvenating properties. As a natural moisturiser it is able to replenish the skin deeply and thoroughly as it aids in the treatment of acne and inflammation. The ideal choice for skin easily irritated and frequently exposed to the sun and other environmental stressors.

The Tasmania sea kelp that constitutes our Kelp Complex + is essential to our brand and the make-up of our products. Rich in trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids, it has antioxidant properties with known abilities to provide free radical scavenging benefits for the skin – reducing the risk of daily skin cell damage.

At the core of our unique masculine scent is Cedarwood, an essential oil that gives off a warm, woody aroma, invoking feelings of wellness and vitality.

Other key ingredients include Sandalwood, for its strong antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory abilities, Macadamia Nut Oil for its anti-aging properties and its ability to maintain the skins natural oils, whilst gently cleansing and Finger Lime for its protective qualities against harmful daily elements. Flaxseed, Wattle seed and many other Australian ingredients also play a crucial role in improving the overall appearance and health of men’s skin.

The formulations that make up our products adhere to the therapeutic properties of the plants and other sources. This is so we, as a brand, can ensure that our products deliver results.

Our Men’s Face Wash With Kelp Complex + harnesses the nurturing power of 26’ Deep’s favourite vitamin and mineral enriched ingredients. Macadamia Oil and Kelp Extract encourages a thorough, yet gentle cleanse, whilst Aloe Vera Juice and Olive Leaf Extract boost moisture levels and protect the skin from daily environmental stressors.

Our products are backed by research and harness the benefits and purpose of the ingredients chosen.

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