Who Are Em&Mary

Maryanne and Emma are a health conscious mother and daughter who live on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches and share a love of nature and the great outdoors. Over 20 years both mother and daughter experienced a number of skin and health conditions which inspired the idea and need for em&mary, a completely natural, effective and beautiful range of skin care products.

Like a growing number of women and a growing number of Australians, Em and Mary are passionate about protecting the environment they live in.

In developing the em&mary brand, it was important for the product be ethically produced with natural ingredients sourced in Australia and be completely environmentally friendly, as well as an effective and indulgent skin care product.

Personal Stories


"Since my early 20’s I’ve battled with sensitive skin which has reacted to many cosmetic products. I’ve suffered from chronic eczema and dermatitis and as a result, have become very conscious and aware of the ingredients in the skin products I use.
I’ve always found it difficult to find products which are effective and feel good but are all natural and contain no nasty hidden chemicals." 


"I‘ve been a natural practitioner and used natural solutions to health problems since my children were very young. When my daughter developed eczema in her early 20’s, my interest in what goes into the skin products we buy and their potential to cause allergic reactions was heightened. As a result, the ingredients and development of our Em & Mary range has inspired much more than academic interest, it’s been a very personal journey."