Kiss Broadway Little Diva Create-a-Nail Art Kit - BNAK03

Kiss Broadway Little Diva Create-a-Nail Art Kit - BNAK03

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Everything you need for a customised Nail Art Manicure!

Safe on natural nails - Glue is not needed!

Hint: Apply stickers on artificial nails before applying them to your nails.

250 Stickers, 48 Nails


  1. Carefully remove sticker from sheet. If polish was applied to artificial nails, make sure polish is dry. 
  2. Place stickers on desired position, press down gently. 
  3. Apply top coat to entire nail surface, let dry. 


  1. Remove polish and clean natural nail surface. 
  2. Find the correct size nail for each finger. 
  3. Select the correct size tab and peel from sheet. 
  4. Apply tab to nail, sticky side down with rounded side near cuticle. 
  5. Put tabs on all 10 natural nails. 
  6. Press firmly. 
  7. Peel off top layer of tab to expose sticky surface and apply nail.
250 Stickers, 48 Nails.

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