The Humble Co. Natural Chewing Gum - Salty Liquorice

The Humble Co. Natural Chewing Gum - Salty Liquorice

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Have you noticed that trampled chewing gums on streets never disappear?

This is because regular chewing gum is made from, you guessed it, plastics.
humble gum is made from natural ingredients only, including our gum base, that comes from trees. This is how it was originally done, and how we will always do it.

    1 Pack x 12 Pieces

    This product is naturally good for your teeth and breath. Sugar free with the taste of liquorice.

    Open the container, take 1-2 gums and start chewing. entirely made from natural ingredients, this is how it's done and how we always will do it. 


    We recommend you chew it right after eating. 

    Sweetener Xylitol (70%), Gum Base, Aroma, Thickener, Sunflower Lecithin.
    Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

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