Hollywood Fashion Secrets Anti-Static Spray

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Anti-Static Spray

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Eliminate the effects of static electricity on clothing, lingerie and hosiery.



Prevent bunching and clinging of garments; spray inside garment lightly and evenly, then allow to dry. 
Delicate fabrics such as silks and satins may, if washable, be dipped into a small amount of water with Anti-Static Spray added, then allow to dry. 
To prevent the buildup of static cling and sparking, spray Anti-Static Spray onto damp clothes before tumble drying. 
Also suitable to spray onto undergarments and hosiery to prevent clinging.

How to use

Spray lightly and evenly to prevent clinging of garments To prevent built up static, spray onto damp clothing before tumble drying

Care Instructions

Always test before using
Test by spraying on a small patch of material, or on the reverse side of garment
Spray evenly, holding the pup at least 30cm away

Warnings and Disclaimers

Avoid contact with eyes
If irritation or redness occurs discontinue use immediately 
Keep out of reach of children
Store below 30°C

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