Hollywood Fashion Secrets Shoe Comfort Kit
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Hollywood Fashion Secrets Shoe Comfort Kit

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Create ultimate fit and comfort for fussy flats & killer heels. Hollywood’s 3-in-1 Shoe Comfort Kit is easy and convenient to use! Coated in fabric for cushioned support and pleasant feel, these little helpers can be used and re-used on any shoe that causes you grief, providing instant comfort.

Gel Cushions
Heel Shields
Soothing Spots.

1 Kit


Gel Cushions prevent and alleviate the pain and burning sensation on the balls of your feet.
Heel Shields will help your shoes stay in place for long lasting comfort and protection. 
Soothing Spots protect against blisters & prevent calluses from forming when your shoe is rubbing and causing grief. Perfect for both open and closed toe shoes (even boots!). 
Discreet and secret (no one will know you’re wearing them). Shaped for a comfortable fit. Non-slip.


Pack Contents:

1 Pair x Gel cushions

1 Pair x Heel shields

1 Pair x Soothing spots

How to use

Simply peel the protective film off the cushion, insert into your shoe (sticky side down) making sure the pointy end is facing the heel.

Care Instructions

Re-usable: wash/wipe and wear again.

Warnings and Disclaimers

 If you experience any irritation, discontinue use immediately

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