Hollywood Fashion Secrets Perfume Atomiser
Hollywood Perfume Atomiser

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Perfume Atomiser

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Carry your favourite fragrance with you!
Compact atomiser that will easily fit in your purse, pocket, desk or carry-on luggage. Its small size make it airplane friendly. Great for everyday and special occasions.
Quick and easy to fill.
Leak proof - patented lock! 5.8mL Capacity, which is up to 100 sprays!

1 Atomiser

Remove the cover of your atomiser to expose the lock. 
Turn the lock 90 degrees anti-clockwise. 
Remove the nozzle of your fragrance bottle, place the atomiser on top and pump. 
Once done, turn the lock 90 degrees clockwise to close securely. 
Replace the cover and spray - easy!

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