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      Specifically designed for kids. Great tasting - kids love them!

      No Sugar - No Preservatives

      Soothe your kids’ throats with our delicious and effective throat lozenges! Formulated specifically for children, our flavoured lozenge candies and lollipops gently relieve sore throats, coughs and nasal congestion, ensuring your little ones feel better in no time.

      Treat common throat-related symptoms with our kids' lozenges

      Lozenges are an essential item in your stock of kids’ vitamins and supplements. They don’t treat illnesses, but lozenges help relieve common throat-related symptoms such as: 

      • Sore throat
      • Cough
      • Runny or stuffy nose
      • Thick nasal mucus
      • Phlegm
      • Hoarseness

      We also have Key Sun Kids sugar-free lozenges to alleviate motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. 

      When buying throat lozenges for kids, please note that each flavour contains different active ingredients that produce different effects. For instance, our Key Sun Kids Cold Raspberry Lozenges contain kali bichromicum, a homoeopathic ingredient that reduces nasal congestion. The Key Sun Kids Travel Sickness Lozenges are formulated with the cocculus plant to help remedy vomiting caused by motion sickness. 

      Our lozenges provide gentle but temporary relief from symptoms but are not meant to treat underlying illnesses and conditions. If symptoms persist, please consult with a healthcare professional.

      Why do kids love them?

      Our kids’ lozenges, shaped like lollipops, come in various tastes and colours that appeal to children. Key Sun Kids’ collection of sugar-free lozenges comes in orange, strawberry, raspberry, pine-lime, black elderberry, acerola, apple, honey and eucalyptus flavours. 

      Stay prepared with Key Sun Kids lozenges

      Shop the various flavours available on our site and alleviate your child’s discomfort with the relief of cold and cough lozenges for kids. With a burst of refreshing flavours, they will make your kids forget they have a scratchy throat or a stuffy nose. 

      Though our sugar-free lozenges are not vegan, they are free from soy, nuts, dairy, fish, gluten, egg and preservatives. Let nature’s ingredients work their homoeopathic magic and restore your children’s energy and health.

      If you have any questions about our lozenges, feel free to contact our customer service directly.

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      11 products