Pretorius Professional Amino Acid Complex

Pretorius Professional Amino Acid Complex

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A mixture of naturally derived essential and non essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

• Does not contain cane sugar, lactose, salt, yeast, starches, gluten, wheat, corn, dairy products, artificial colours and flavours.
• Low allergy formulation

60 Hard Capsules

Adult Dosage: One capsule 3 times daily with food.

Each hard capsule contains: 
Aspartic acid 39.3mg 
Glutamic acid 65.4mg 
Glycine 70mg 
*Histidine 5.2mg 
*Isoleucine 9.8mg 
*Leucine 21.6mg 
*Lysine 29.4mg 
*Methionine 4.6mg 
*Phenylalanine 15.7mg 
Proline 79.5mg 
Serine 11.8mg 
Tyrosine 3.3mg 
*Threonine 42mg 
*Valine 14.4mg 
* = Essential Amino acids

• Not suitable for vegetarians • Contains phenylalanine