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Between hiking adventures, exploring monolithic cities or relaxing under the golden sun, travelling can bring a world of wonder to your soul — and unfortunately, take a toll on your skin. But travelling doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beauty regime. Our shrunk-down travel-size beauty products allow you to maintain your self-care routine and a high level of polish to keep you in good standing when visiting trendy night spots and luxurious European beach clubs.

Take your self-care on the road with travel-size beauty products and toiletries

In slender, compact sizes that are fantastic for road trips and international escapes, our travel-size toiletries will become your favourite travel companion on all your adventures. Small enough to include in your carry-on luggage without adding bulk and weight for a mid-flight refresh, you can descend off a day's plane ride looking less tired than you feel.

With our travel-size beauty products in tow, you can maintain a consistent self-care routine without taking a break from their nourishing results. Pick up a cleanser and wash away the debris of long city walks, add hydration with a serum and lock in moisture with a moisturiser. Offering the same standard of polish you enjoy at home on the go, you can step out in confidence and be ready to take on the day.

Within our range of travel-size beauty products, sun protection is a holiday essential. Choose from a selection of neutral and tinted broad spectrum products with SPF up to 50 — and explore your travel destination while minimising your exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. We even carry a range of sun protection in colourful hues to get kids excited over sun care and make parents' lives a little easier for days at the beach.

Men aren’t left behind — our beard oil will nourish and condition your facial hair to help prevent flaking dandruff from a change in climate and increased sweat and activity. With a bit of TLC, you can maintain a high standard of personal grooming in and out of your home.

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