Hollywood Fashion Secrets Temporary Hem Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Temporary Hem Tape

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Get the job done with no ironing, no sewing and no commitment!

Instantly adjust and repair hems without expensive tailoring!

 18 Strips

Allows you to wear the same pair of pants with stilettos, flats, sandals, sneakers and boots. 
These specially sized, fabric-friendly tape pieces are ideal for the temporary hemming of jeans, jacket cuffs, dress pants, skirts and dresses. 

From heels to flats..
Determine desired length using the ruler on the bottom of the tin.
Apply temporary Hem Tape by removing backing and pressing tape firmly to fabric.
Remove remaining backing and press the hem to be secured.

Important... Always remove tape before washing, cleaning or ironing garments
Pretest delicate fabrics
If used on skin, do not apply to irritated, sunburn or sensitive skin
If irritation occurs, discontinue use
Pre-test for sensitivity or allergies

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