Hollywood Fashion Secrets Perky Bunnies
Hollywood Fashion Secrets Perky Bunnies
Hollywood Perky Bunnies (Lift and Conceal)

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Perky Bunnies

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Soft and smooth, go bra-less, backless and strapless!

Ideal for when you want to go bra-less with the confidence that you're covered.

1 Pair


Perfect for plunging necklines, backless, strapless dresses, wedding gowns and t-shirts


Pack Contents:

1 Pair x Perky bunnies

How to use

Remove protective backing and set aside for reuse. Place the centre non-adhesive section over your nipple, whilst leaning forward and stick it onto your breast. 
Once in place lift up your breast using tabs (ears) to a higher position.
Finally flatten the edges for a smooth and soft appearance.

Important... Keep the adhesive liner and replace on the adhesive side for proper storage.

Care Instructions

To extend the life of your Perky Bunnies gently wash with mild soap and air dry after each use
(Dry flat and away from sunlight) When dry, re-apply the plastic protective peel off backing for future wear
Re-useable up to 6 times

Warnings and Disclaimers

Make sure that the breast area is clean, dry and oil free

Remove slowly and gently

Do not wear for extended periods (8+ hours)

If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use

Do not apply to irritated, sunburns or sensitive skin

Pre-test for sensitivity or allergies 

External use only

Keep out of reach of children

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