At Key Sun Laboratories, we know how important it is to take care of yourself. Fast-paced lifestyles and long working hours can make it difficult to stick to a balanced diet — and that’s why our range of vitamins is packed with dietary goodness to help your body keep working at its best. 

So, if you’re having trouble getting enough nutrition from your diet or feel like you need some extra support, Key Sun Laboratories is here to help. We make it convenient to buy vitamins online by delivering them straight to your door. Plus, we also stock a range of homoeopathic products and vitamins online for you to have access to a variety of remedies at your fingertips.

Get a range of vitamins online in Australia 

At Key Sun Laboratories, we stock a wide range of vitamins and dietary aids. With us, you can buy vitamins online from the comfort of your home and enjoy convenient self-care. Our range of vitamins online includes:

  • Nasal decongestants — If you’re looking for sinus and cold relief, we’ve got you covered. We stock the latest products formulated for decongestion, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic and immune stimulation. Made using Chinese herbs, these products are great for relieving the effects of sinusitis, such as headaches and nasal congestion.   
  • Hair nutrition for men and women — Add some shine to your lacklustre hair with our nutrient-rich formula made of nineteen vitamins, minerals and bio-marine extracts. These vitamins can support thicker, faster and healthier hair growth. We have hair vitamin products formulated for both men and women.  
  • Kids’ lozenges — Give your young ones the extra support they need to get through tough days. Our range of kids’ vitamins online has a stock of easy-to-consume homoeopathic lozenges formulated for travel sickness, cold, cough and throat discomfort. We also have lozenges for zinc, magnesium and calcium, and more. 

    Key Sun Laboratories — your destination for vitamins online in Australia

    At Key Sun Laboratories, we’re dedicated to providing customers with the best in wellbeing consumables and vitamins online. In addition to vitamins, we stock a range of hair nutrition products and dietary supplements from Pretorius. If you have questions or need more information regarding our products, feel free to get in touch with us — one of our team will be happy to help answer any of your questions! 

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    11 products