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The beauty solutions Hollywood swears by

For smart solutions to life’s little emergencies, Hollywood Fashion Secrets offers a range of invisible tricks and fabulous extras that give you a flawless finish every time you step out. Whether it be a plunging neckline, a sliding strap or even an uncomfortable shoe, with Hollywood Fashion Secrets, you can pull off any outfit with ease.

Known as the number one quick fix for fashion mishaps, Hollywood Fashion Secrets helps prevent those dreaded wardrobe malfunctions. So, step out in style and feel confident in the clothes you’re in with a little fashion magic by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Because every star needs a little extra help now and then.

Hollywood Fashion Tape — the original glamour secret weapon

With a reputation almost as big as its impact, no girl should be without Hollywood Fashion Tape on a night out. Whether it’s a pin here or a tuck there, Hollywood Fashion Tape secures skin to fabric, even wigs and accessories to give you a flawless look that will stay in place all night long.

No need to ever worry about unwieldy straps, daring decolletage, awkward heels or bulging buttons again. Our adhesive is hypoallergenic, safe for skin use, and won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

Discover the full range of mishap-proof beauty solutions

If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect underwear for a sleek evening gown or searched the whole store to find a bra for that beautiful dress with the low cut front or bare back, Hollywood Fashion Secrets is here to help you dare to wear it in total confidence. From breast lift tape and stick on bras to Invisible g-strings and shoe comfort kits, with us, you’ve found the missing ingredient to make that dream outfit work.

Perfect for formal occasions and casual wear

As well as our famous Hollywood Fashion Tape, you’ll find plenty of casual wear solutions from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Anti-static spray stops hosiery from sticking to clothing. Bra extenders help with bulging bra lines ruining the smooth lines under your sweater. If you find that jeans always gape at the back, you’ll love their hip hugger solution that keeps denim fitting perfectly without adding bulky belts. And if you want to take your favourite fragrance with you on a night out or a plane trip, look no further than the Hollywood Fashion Secrets perfume atomiser, which holds up to 100 sprays in its leak-proof design!

Shop the collection of Hollywood Fashion Secrets in Australia

As well as stocking the entire range of clever accessories from Hollywood Fashion Secrets, Key Sun Laboratories is your destination for all things beauty, health and self-care. Shop your favourite beauty brands in our online store, or check out the range of fashion accessories from Hollywood Fashion Secrets and more.

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23 products